My daughter is eight years old, she was diagnosed at the age of two to suffer from disabilities encompassed within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. When we , her parents, learned more of her disability we were devastated, the fact that there is no medical cure for her condition and it is indeed a lifelong disability made us feel completely shattered. Her condition is such that at present she is not fully able to vocally communicate although she can talk.

Lisa has attended a few schools in Singapore since 2004, with varying amounts of success. Last year we needed to find another school for Lisa and contacted Kids Cove Pte. Ltd., where I was happy to discover the fact that the school is run by “Rodalyn Mendoza” who has actually helped Lisa for a period when she was in her very early years. We enrolled Lisa in the school in December 2009 and she started in January 2010.

We have witnessed a great improvement in Lisa’s behaviour, while her disability still dominates her life she has now found that actually making a contribution at home has improved not only her life , but the lives of her parents and baby sister also. She is now aware of the importance of self help activities including toileting, eating and following simple instructions. She loves song and dance, art and playing games, all of which she is enjoying at school. Kids Cove also runs school trips for their students, with parents consent, and Lisa has been on several trips around Singapore which she has given her great pleasure evident by the smile displayed on her face in photos taken by her teacher on the trips. We are not usually able to attend these trips but with the kind assistance of volunteers it is made possible for Lisa.

Lisa has a great teacher at Kids Cove, Miss Gigi is always at hand to give us reports of the day’s activities and how Lisa is progressing. We are very thankful to her and Rhodalyn for making Kids Cove an essential part of Lisa’s life, without schools that cater for kids with a similar condition to that of Lisa, life would be a certain struggle for them and their families and we are very happy in the fact that she is attending a good school. Thank You Kids Cove!
  Chris Hull, Lisa's dad

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