Like any other parent, we searched high and low for the best school for our little girl. Only to realize that the place we're looking for is just a stone's throw away. Finding Kids Cove is similar to that happy feeling of recovering that one last piece of the puzzle...

It has been almost a year since Chloe joined Kids Cove, and in a short span, it is evident that she did benefit a whole lot of learning from her teachers and peers. The school's program is providing a great deal of help for Chloe to reach her full potential.

Our special thanks to Teacher Roselyn and Teacher Aulyn for always making themselves available to each and every inquiry or consult from both Buddie and I. Your encouragements, tips and tricks enable us to be more creative in handling difficult days.

To Kids Cove, words will never be enough to show our gratitude and appreciation. Chloe is, without a doubt, enjoying every single day spent in school and that alone is Priceless.
  Reggie, Chloe’s mom
Photography With
A Difference:
Through Special Eyes

In cooperation with Photography with a Difference (Filipino advocate photographers), Kids Cove is organizing a photo exhibit from 4-6 November 2010, entitled Photography With A ...