It has been said that the child's first teacher is the parent. Parents play an important role in bringing up a wholesome child. Schools and teachers are merely providing experiences for a child to explore. Therefore, parents’ support is vital towards the healthy growth of children in all aspects.

At Kids Cove, we encourage you to be involved in our activities such as parent-teacher meetings, talks and excursions. Our teachers will assess each child's needs and strengths on a regular basis. Written remarks will be recorded every six months.

Parent-teacher conferences are held at least twice a year. Teachers meet individually with parents to review each child's progress throughout the year. However, verbal feedback is given continuously from time to time.

Social and educational events are held throughout the year to encourage interaction between staff and families. If parents have concerns or need assistance with problems related to the Centre, they may discuss the issue, if applicable, with the staff involved. Further queries can be directed to the Centre's program director.
Photography With
A Difference:
Through Special Eyes

In cooperation with Photography with a Difference (Filipino advocate photographers), Kids Cove is organizing a photo exhibit from 4-6 November 2010, entitled Photography With A ...