Outings and field trips are part of the curriculum of interventions given to your child. There is a purpose to every activity set and that essentially, such activities are planned to enhance or improve the skills of the children to enable him/her to cope in our community and his/her environment. As such, we consider these sessions as part of the regular programme and we require the attendance of the child. During the outings, the child will also be evaluated on his/her progress. Should you have other suggestions or feedback on how best you think such activities can help your child, please share your ideas with the teachers.

These outings are scheduled ahead of time and parents are informed. We are requiring an adult to accompany the child on these outings except on occasions when we are doing an individual program for the child or if we have volunteers to help us care for the children.
Photography With
A Difference:
Through Special Eyes

In cooperation with Photography with a Difference (Filipino advocate photographers), Kids Cove is organizing a photo exhibit from 4-6 November 2010, entitled Photography With A ...