Sensorial Math is a meaningful and concrete way to acquire early mathematical concepts through hands-on learning which gives children visual representation of the mathematical concepts. Sensory experiences with materials are the child's first step toward understanding the abstract concepts they represent.

Any education programme designed for children with special needs MUST address these impairments and deficits. By doing so, the educational programme can help the child to learn, while recognising the special needs and learning styles due to their deficits. Ignoring the impairments and deficits will not make them go away and will only delay the child's learning.

By designing a programme that specifically suits the child’s needs, skills can be learned that will help compensate, to the level of each child's ability, for some of their deficits. Hence, our programme includes self-care and whole-of-life skills from early childhood to adulthood.
Photography With
A Difference:
Through Special Eyes

In cooperation with Photography with a Difference (Filipino advocate photographers), Kids Cove is organizing a photo exhibit from 4-6 November 2010, entitled Photography With A ...